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Hey everyone!

You ought to take notice of  my new Chibi mood theme!

It's so totally here: http://www.livejournal.com/moodlist.bml?moodtheme=355658&ownerid=1129402

Art by the great Luke Ski [profile] lukeski. Who should totally get people to pay him buttloads of money to make them Chibi mood themes.

Cold:     Frustrated:   Content:

Scared:     Moody:     Silly:     Curious:

Excited:   Working:   Loved:   Cheerful:

As you can see, a lot of them are characters that I frequently dress(ed) up as for cons and things (and in the case of Rimmer, just something I'm a fan of). There's also a lot of delightful and wonderful and adorable ones that are not character related.

You should REALLY go check them all here. I can't honestly say I've posted the best ones cuz they're all so wonderful.

We will hopefully be expanding on it in the future, but I now have enough for a complete (and completely awesome) mood theme. I'm so glad I can finally apply the mood theme and share it with y'all.

Luke spent many hours drawing these (on good old fashioned PAPER), inking them, scanning them, and coloring them. 'Course, he's the fastest artist in the west, so it didn't take all THAT long. ;-) But I really can't thank him enough for this. We started talking about it ever since some woman named Renae drew some Luke Ski Chibis for him when he was in Buffalo working as a caricature artist with a bunch of other caricature artists.

It turns out with mood themes, you are actually allowed to have the pics as large as you want, but are encouraged to keep them small. Generally speaking they are all 100 pixels tall (the size of a typical LJ icon), but if I felt it should be larger to show the detail, I made them larger. The largest one is Chloe, at 150 pixels tall.

So, yeah!

Thanks Luke!!!

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