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Hey everyone,

I'd like to do a quick and dirty update and give you the basics. But an entry like that is difficult to do right now....

As you may have inferred from Ken's entry, yes some moving is occurring... actually, I am not moving. Josh has lived here full time for two months, but his lease at his old apartment didn't expire till the end of this month. We are currently getting Josh moved out of "Hermitage", literally and figuratively. He needs to be out by Tuesday night. Anyway, I have something more important to tell you about that I've been needing/meaning to post about...

The last couple of months, some difficult family stuff has been going down. I am very happy in love with my wonderful fiance, the love of my life Josh Rasey, and his family have very quickly and deeply become my own family. Josh's Mom, Karen, has a live-in boyfriend named Mike. So maybe this relationship seems distant to you, but since Josh's father David Rasey passed away over 6 years ago, Michael Roy Adams is the closest I will ever have to a father-in-law. And we are in fact rather close at this point due to many recent correspondences.

It would be difficult to express in a "quick and dirty" blog entry how much I have come to love Karen and Mike in the short time that I have known them. Josh was blessed (for lack of a better word) with a wonderful, kind, intelligent, talented, funny mother with a beautiful smile that reminds me of her son.

It would also be difficult to describe how amazingly talented and gifted Mike is, as an artist, a devout Wiccan, a story teller, and a friend. Hell, you can see all four of these things for yourself if you peruse his "pics" section or his blog at his MySpace page:


Please also check out the larger version of this portrait Mike did of Josh and I. This is NOT an altered photograph, nor is it in any way traced:

To see more detail, clicking on the photo will bring you to the original scan.

Mike is having very serious health problems. Testing is not conclusive right now so I don't want to say any more at this time. You can read his blog if you are interested in learning more, as all of his blog entries are very much public. He is a person with nothing to hide, though conservative society may feel he should. I will say this, it is believed that the recent portrait you see above will be his last portrait as it has physically become too difficult for him to draw faces (though he may still be working on some buildings).

Between recently growing closer to Mike and Karen and being uncertain of the future, Josh and I took a trip to Arizona a mere two weeks after Dragon*Con, and two months after our previous visit. I'm unsure of how all of this will work, but we do hope to visit again soon. At the latest, we will be going there for Thanksgiving as we were last year (which was the first time I met Karen and Mike).

It was about time I shared with you folks the amazing love (along with some of the hardships) I have discovered with my new family in Arizona.

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