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And you can hear something that happened at the wedding by clicking play:

And go here to leave comments!

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Listen to it here and now!

Comment about it here!


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Order now! Available only on thefump.com: http://www.thefump.com/store_release.php?id=51

(If you think maybe you're supposed to be getting a free copy and you're not sure, please check with me. cdahlby at yahoo dot com)

Image courtesy of Mata H: visit http://www.matazone.co.uk/ and http://comic.matazone.co.uk/

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It's nice to be back on the FuMP!

Thank you [profile] powersalad, [profile] lukeski and [personal profile] emiofbrie for your expert participation!

If you have an account on the FuMP, please go here to leave a comment! (Elsewise, leave a comment here.... or get a FuMP account already! And you can always use the link to get a FREE MP3 if such is your desire...)

Listen plz!

Jun. 3rd, 2008 04:34 am
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I, along with Luke Ski, am prominently featured in this thing. Enjoy!

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Hey folks,

I will be casting my show "Dementia Dimension" on Dementia Radio tonight from 8pm to 10pm.

In the first hour you will hear the WORLD PREMIERE of tomorrow's FuMP. It's a Project Sisyphus song by Spaff, featuring Luke Ski and Carrie Dahlby, with a sketch by Luke Ski. (No, really.)

Tune in! http://dementiaradio.org/
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The next hour or two is your last chance to score a free copy of the main "mean" version of "Dear Britney"! Go get! thefump.com.....

Did I mention you could request this shit for Dr. Demento? Cuz ya could, and it would count towards his first show of 2008. Go to http://www.drdemento.com/ and click on the Request link!
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Check out these two new FuMP songs, download a free 128k copy or a 192k copy for a mere $.99, (or in the case of the alternate Sideshow version, just pick up a free copy) and leave comments while you're there (or here if need be), cuz getting comments is my bag, baby. :-)

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Hey guys! Remember this thing?

This weekend Dr. Demento played "Sleep Walking Zombies" on his show!!!!

And it was in the (supposedly) coveted 2nd set!

Wouldn't it be neat if I actually have a song on the Funny Five for the first time ever? You can make it happen!

If you’d like for the good Doctor to play the song again, then I encourage you to submit a REQUEST for him to play it again! You can do so at the show’s official request page, http://www.clamhead.com/drd.php. You can also request by emailing drdemento@drdemento.com, calling the request line 562-ODD-TUNE, or you can snail mail them at: The Dr. Demento Show, P.O. Box 884, Culver City, CA 90232. If you’d like to hear "The Dr. Demento Show", you can listen to them (for a measly $2 an episode) at the show’s official website, http://www.drdemento.com - this should include this weekend's show as of tomorrow!

I really do strongly encourage you guys to check out the show online, as that appears to be the best chance of saving the show from extinction right now. I am planning to do this myself on a weekly basis (even if I can't really sit down and listen, I'll have it on somewhere at some point in time every week).

Also, help me come up with an idea of something special I can do to show my gratitude to Erin Jane Sherlock. :)
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I can has art!

"Sleep Walking Zombies" by Carrie Dahlby featuring Erin Jane Sherlock
is still available for free download on the FuMP...

Dr. Demento fans, if you like it why not request to hear it play on The Dr. Demento Show?

Thanks for the nifty keen art, Luke! :)
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Please check this one out:

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I'm in this - this is good - listen to this....

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You can listen to my new song! (Better yet, go to the site and download it!)

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A lot of people could've done a better job writing this song than I did, but I'm the one who wrote it so NYAH!


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What's Wrong With This Song, full length version - FREE FOR YOUR DOWNLOADING PLEASURE
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Hey everyone,

Today is the last day to snag a free copy of my new song on The FuMP!

(After tonight, it will run you $.99 to have your own copy!)

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